How do I measure my head size for a wig?

When you wanna buy a wig, you need to know your head size for the wig cap.  Here are some tips to tell you how to measure your head size. 
  • Get a cloth measuring tape and put around your head. Take down the measurements and next, prep your hair.
  • Keep in mind your style of wearing such as braiding hair under the lace wig, because you have to measure size according to the style.
  • Keep the tape close to the skin but not pressing tightly as it may cause your lace wig to cut into your skin or suppress circulation.
  • Circumference is taken to know the distance from the center of your front hairline to your entire head.
  • Ensure that the tape goes above your ear and leaves at the nape of your neck.
  • Include baby hairs while measuring and avoid single strands that are unimportant.

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