What are the low-leve, mid-level and high-level wigs? The most complete wig grade classification in histor.

1. Ultra low-end real human hair wig
 Why should ultra-low-end human hair be used alone? Because this wig is really super super low-end, it is only suitable for emergency use a few times. There are almost no advantages. The hair is the most garbage "color hair" in human hair, and the inner net is mechanical, which is hard to the touch, uncomfortable to wear, and may scalp. At most, a little artificial scalp is added to the seam on the top of the head. This kind of wig is generally priced between 150-350, which is really not as good as buying a high-end chemical fiber wig.
 2. Low-end real human hair wig
 The low-end human hair wig mentioned here can be regarded as a countertop wig, which can just meet the needs of daily wear and use. Generally, the hair quality used in this kind of wig belongs to the smooth hair. If the hair quality is lower than the smooth hair, it will be hairy after wearing it several times. The low-end real human hair basically uses the hand-knitting of the front half or partial stitching
 This kind of wig can basically guarantee the fidelity of the wig scalp, but it cannot guarantee the comfort of the wig. And this kind of wig will have layering in front of the wig, so it is not recommended to split the styling, it will show the layering and look fake. The price is generally around 1,000 yuan, and the price/performance ratio is relatively high, which is very suitable for small partners who are just getting started.
 3. Mid-end real hair wig
 The mid-end human hair wig is actually a very, very good wig, and the hair quality, workmanship, and details are all handled in place. The hair used is straight braided hair, which is recognized as the best hair in the wig industry. It is taken from the long braids of girls under 30 years old in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan ethnic minority villages. Generally, when we meet customers who plan to wear wigs for a long time, we will recommend buying wigs with smooth braided hair. The hair quality is indeed much better, without frizz or knots.
 The craft of this kind of wig must be all crocheted by hand. Generally, it is a craft of double hand stitching on the front half and hand-knitting of breathable mesh. The air permeability and comfort are very good. However, it has the same disadvantage as the low-end human hair wig, that is, there is still layering in front of the wig. It is recommended to wear a bangs shape before the super high wearing technique, otherwise others will know that they are wearing a wig when they see the layering. The price of mid-end real hair wigs is generally more than 2,000 yuan. Although it is not cheap, it can really last three to five years.
 4. High-end real human hair wig
 High-end real human hair wigs are luxury products in the wig industry, such as full-head needle delivery technology, full lace needle delivery technology, full lace full head needle delivery technology, medical intranet technology, etc., are all high-end real human hair wigs.
 These wigs are either made of good materials or good craftsmanship. Like a full lace wig, there is no layering of the wig. After wearing the viscose, it is completely invisible that the wig is worn, and it can be tied up to expose the neck. Wigs like full stitches really depend on craftsmanship. The entire head is made of artificial scalp and can be sewn at will. It is not something that ordinary workers can hook out, let alone full lace + stitches.
 In addition to these, there is also the use of bionic film technology. The bionic film is also called pu glue in the industry. The degree of fidelity is very good, but the air permeability is worse than that, and it can be regarded as a high-end human hair wig.
 High-end human hair wigs are suitable for people who often wear them and have high requirements for wig details. The price is generally not cheap. Basically, it starts at 2,600 yuan. The longer the hair, the more expensive. The 20+ inches are basically 4000-5000+. Of course, the wig used must be a girl's braided hair. If you want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages, it may be a little troublesome to wear a lace mesh wig with viscose, and all the advantages except for the expensive ones.
 The above is the general classification of human hair and wigs at all levels. As long as you don't encounter bad merchants, you will definitely get what you pay for. You can choose according to your needs.

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